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Wanted: people to connect with purpose

Karyn Tattersfield:

As a growing cohort of skilled professionals demand more ownership over working hours and conditions, Navigator sets out to build a talented workforce of independent contractors connected to a sense of purpose.

Here are 10 reasons you may want to consider being part of the Navigator team or experienced professionals and consultants:

  1. Utilise your skills to their full potential
    New Zealand organisations have as many issues to solve as New Zealand has skilled and experienced people to solve them – we’re all about matching these up.
  2. Create change
    The sense that things can be done better is alive in all corners of business and industry today.  Navigator offers not only a vision for a better way – but a operational approach to getting there.
  3. Tap into a new way of working
    Partnership and collaboration are a wonderful way to do more with less, get better outcomes and enjoy yourself more along the way. Human beings are designed for it.
  4. Be creative and productive
    We enable people to be effective and contribute positively to their organisations – it’s one of our values and we want to enable our people and our clients’ people alike.
  5. Create outcomes for whole communities
    It doesn’t get much better than knowing an entire community is more connected, productive, engaged  and getting better outcomes because of your work.
  6. Be part of a new way of making things work
    We at Navigator are strongly committed to our purpose of making organisations work better for people and we believe partnerships, done right, are good for humanity. If you feel the same way, you’ll be right at home.
  7. Deliver outcomes in your own community
    We believe organisations can function better for people, profit, planet and the economy by building and drawing on local knowledge, skills and resources.  We will always value local people and resources highly.
  8. Be your whole person
    Work. Life. Work.  Life.  It doesn’t need to be exclusive.  We believe consistency between community and organisational values delivers healthy people, healthy whānau and families, healthy communities and healthy organisations. If you think you’re aligned to Navigator’s values (you’re still reading this so chances are good that they are) – then register with us today.
  9. Tell us how you want to work – be supported and part of a community
    As a Navigator consultant, you tell us your availability and hours and make your life work for you. We’ll support you to do good work and provide you with a well connected network.
  10. Connect with real purpose
    Navigator is about creating ‘fit for purpose’ solutions. That means our projects will always hold the ultimate purpose for our clients at heart. It will be meaningful work, leading to stronger organisations and better outcomes.

Are you interested in becoming part of our virtual team of consultants?  We’d love to hear from you and we encourage you to register your interest today.

Now – let’s get stuck into enabling stronger organisations and better outcomes.

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