Our team

About Us

The company is owned and operated by a group of partners whose leadership experience spans commercial, tribal, public, international aid, and not for profit spheres.

The group brings significant experience, connections and credibility across industries, sectors, and borders.

We believe in the value of diverse experience. The group has been put together based on a belief that diverse experience, when brought together, shared, and harnessed can deliver outstanding value.

Our Vision

To lead a new way for organisations to connect and share for better outcomes.

Our Purpose

To equip businesses and communities to work better for people.

Our Points of Difference

Whole of organisation approach: we take a fit for purpose, whole of organisation approach to deliver on targeted outcomes.

Partnership approach: we identify and mediate opportunities for common purpose partnerships to achieve better results.

Our Approach

By extension we are committed to integrating the following way of working and values within Navigator

We believe that organisations and partnerships function best when built on a foundation of trust between human beings. We believe that trust is formed and supported by transparency and alignment on a common purpose and set of values.
We believe in the outstanding creative and productive potential of all people – without exception. We draw on your strengths and acknowledge what we do not know. We leave our knowledge behind.
We take a fit for purpose approach to aligning organisations on their on their target outcomes. We take personal responsibility for enabling people within organisations and partnerships to align on their vision and values and execute against their target outcomes.
We believe that partnerships, when built on the right foundation, deliver improved outcomes at a lower cost and are good for humanity.
Value Diversity
We believe that when diverse experience is brought together, shared openly and harnessed effectively, that it can deliver outstanding value.
We believe consistency between community and organisational values delivers healthy people, healthy whānau, healthy communities, and healthy organisations.
Meet The Team

The Partner Group is supported by a go-to team of advisors who have outstanding reputations as generalist leaders in a diverse range of organisational environments. They work across Asia-Pacific and represent a one stop shop for organisational and partnership development. The Partners are tasked with ensuring Navigator delivers pure and authentic value and quality to our clients.


Nick Alexander, Director/Managing Partner

Social and cultural entrepreneur and former Chief Executive of tribal entity Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi.

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Jeremy Gardiner, Partner

Social and commercial entrepreneur and former Chief Executive of highly successful tribal entity Te Runanga o Ngāti Awa

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Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu, Partner

Pacific leader with significant executive and governance experience and currently the Director of Amnesty International NZ.

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Jeremy Mihaka-Dyer, Partner

Originally from Invercargill Jeremy now lives in Taupo. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and a Masters of Public Management, as well as being a graduate of the Institute for Strategic Leadership and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

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Mike Marr, Adviser 

Multiple business award winner and Group CEO of TPT Group.

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Fit for purpose consulting

Navigator takes a ‘fit for purpose’ whole of organisation approach to enabling you to deliver on your targeted outcomes.